The Londesborough Arms
Events List unless otherwise stated all events are free entry
  1. 1st Feb
    Pub Quiz
    Pub Quiz
    Pub Quiz!!! £1entry per person, teams up to 5 people. All money to charity! 8.30pm Start!!
  2. 8th Feb
    Private Party
    Private Party tonight sorry everyone!
  3. 16th Feb
    A brand new band for you to all sink your teeth into...for a different take on some well known songs!!
  4. 1st March
    Pub Quiz
    Pub Quiz
    It's the first Friday of the month so that means quiz night!!!
  5. 30th Mar
    Skin the Lizard
    Fantastic local rock band!!!
  6. 5th Apr
    Pub Quiz
    Pub Quiz
    Pub quiz again...8.30pm don't be late!!